• About Us

  • Who are Bounce Mobile?

    Each year millions of handsets are being rejected, replaced and simply lie in a drawer gathering dust. Bounce Mobile are a mobile phone recycling service offering customers the choice to turn their old mobiles into cash in only a few simple steps, by valuing your phone, sending it to the team and receiving cash for your mobile all in a matter of days.

    Bounce Mobile is operated under Brightstar Corp., founded in 1997, providing specialized global wireless distribution and services, serving mobile device manufacturers, wireless operators and retailers.

    Your security is our top priority, so we make it our job to provide you with a safe and secure website, ensuring your personal information is kept private.

    Unrivalled Market Knowledge

    We’ve spent over 7 years recycling used and rejected devices putting them to better use. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to correctly value your used mobile phones and access the most profitable routes to market, which allows us to pay you top prices for used and unwanted devices.

    Being Responsible

    There's over 30 million mobile phones in use in Australia alone, exceeding our population by millions! And to think most upgrade their handset every 18-24 months.

    But while some old phones are passed on to family or friends, over half are kept in the bottom drawer unused and unwanted. This means there are a lot of materials and second hand devices available that could be recovered and passed on simply through recycling.

    By recycling your old mobile phones with Bounce Mobile, you are not only receiving cash in your pocket but more importantly safely disposing of toxic chemicals that may otherwise end up in landfill and helping develop communications in third world economies as they receive your old handsets.

    The good news is it's just too easy to do the right thing. All you have to do is send in your old mobiles to Bounce Mobile, and encourage others to do the same.

    Trust Us

    We know that trust is important when handing over your own property, so we have tried to answer all the questions you might have about trading in your old mobile phone. If you’d like to know anything else about us or our service, we would love to hear from you.